Sweetened hazelnut flour. Sweetened hazelnut flour.
Use it to sweeten yours
favorite desserts by adding it
to the dough or if you prefer
dusting them gently.
Piedmont PGI hazelnut from the Langhe.
De-oiled Piedmont hazelnut flour I.G.P., 51% sugar.
Enjoy it with a good coffee
instead of sugar.
Or dilute it in hot
drink with a delicate
hazelnut flavour.

The most Popular

Sweetness, creaminess and crunchiness but above all authenticity!


Thirsty for sweet crunch? NoccioDrink … tasty roasted hazelnut praline crunch to drink!
A blend of tradition, flavour and simplicity!

Roasted Hazelnut Oil

Hazelnut oil has many uses in the kitchen.
Use it to dress a salad, a fresh but also seasoned cheese or to prepare sauces and main dishes such as pasta, meat and bread.
With its unmistakable delicate flavour, it is particularly suitable for pastry, cakes and biscuits.

100 %

PGI Piedmont Hazelnut

100 %

Organic Product

Discover all the power of hazelnut on your skin

La Regale presents the new line of Biocosmetics based onhazelnut oil, fruit extracts, plant extracts and vegetable oils.
UnA natural, green, multivitamin and environmentally friendly cosmetics.a cosmesi naturale, green, multivitaminica e rispettosa dell’ambiente.


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