I made my passion a job.

La Regale,
respect for nature.

From the farming tradition of my country, I learnt that the farmland has its needs and times and requires sacrifices.
From my father and grandfather, I learnt that the land, if respected, repays hard work.

When one's work becomes a passion.

The pleasure of healthy eating, love of tradition, passion for our work and respect for nature are the principles that guide our company.

The belief that only careful selection of products can delight palates and give a little daily pleasure.

Hazelnut Tonda Gentile of the Langhe

the ingredient with the unique and exclusive taste distinguishing our products.

To guarantee the best zero km product, we directly take care of the harvesting, processing, packaging and distribution of our products using traditional methods that allow us to preserve the flavours of our land.

Family tradition handed down from generation to generation

The aim of the La Regale company and the Andreev family is to promote and market the PGI Piedmont Hazelnut through the direct cultivation of the product on land located in the municipalities of Albaretto della Torre, Feisoglio, Lequio Berria, Rodello, Serravalle Langhe and Sinio.

Love of nature and passion for quality embodied in each of our products.


To offer high quality, genuine, short supply chain products and make our customers experience a sensory explosion every time they taste one of our products.


May our products reach and satisfy more and more palates with new specialities created on the basis of quality, innovation and sustainability.